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Loving Your Body

I saw this clip on the Today Show this morning.  It’s always encouraging to see women come to the realization that they are beautiful and have value – to be comfortable in their own skin.  I’m thankful that I have come to this realization in my thirties and don’t have to wait until I’m sixty to feel comfortable with my body and who God made me to be.  It’s extremely liberating to let go of the idea of perfection.  Take a look!  I wish I could add the actual interview with the author.  You can also see our very own version of a beautiful video that we did at the start of this project!  Impacts me each time I watch it!



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2 thoughts on “Loving Your Body

  1. Why would you have an idea of ‘perfection’ to begin with? WHO are you trying to be ‘perfect’ for? I am so lucky, my mom taught my sister and I from a very early age to love ourselves, and I always have! You cannot love another person fully, unless you love yourself. Trust me, guys would much rather have a chubby girl who is confident with an awesome personality, than a skinny insecure weakling who is constantly trying to attain the impossible. CONFIDENCE trumps everything. OWN what u got!! More important to be HEALTHY than skinny.

    • anna@lifestoriesdesign.com on said:

      So so true! So grateful for moms who taught and continue to teach their daughters to love themselves.

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