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Beauty in Pregnancy

I am sitting contemplating the fact that the birth of my fourth child is less than 24 hours away.  There are so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind today.  First, I have to admit, I am a little scared of the surgery.  I’ve been through this 3 times before and I think that almost makes it worse.  I KNOW what I’m facing…. Second, I can’t wait to get my arms around that little baby boy and take in all of the amazing miracle that he is.  And he is totally a miracle!  We all are.  When you think of all that has to take place to produce the life of another human being, who could ever deny there was a God???  It truly is amazing.  I am humbled by His creation and the beauty found even in the smallest details.  And to think, He already knows my son.  He knit him together in my womb (Psalm 139).  I’m so excited to add him to our family.

I was looking at my now very round belly last night and just remembering that it has been a home for all four of our children.  The stretch marks that run across the circumference of it tell the story of each of those children.  I almost can’t believe it.  Somehow my body housed four other beings with four separate heartbeats and nurtured them until they made their appearance on the outside.  There is so much beauty in that!

However, there isn’t much glamor in being pregnant. I mean, let’s be honest.  You have hair in places you didn’t before.  You possibly have stretch marks like many of us do. You sweat like a man.  Your body takes on the shape of something akin to swallowing a beach ball or watermelon.  You might get the “pregnancy mask” which could potentially make you look like you have 5 o’clock shadow 24 hours a day or make you look like a raccoon (both looks are equally pleasant).  The gas…..that’s all I will say about that.  Heartburn…..it’s awesome!  For some women, your feet grow/swell and don’t even get me started on the sausage fingers.  Your face could break out like it did when you were 13 or just be so oily that you look like you took a bath in a grease pit.  And then there are the various smells.  Can anyone say BO?  Extra strength deoderant, here I come!!

But, despite all of those unpleasant effects of pregnancy, I still see beauty.  Even though my chin has now joined itself seamlessly with my neck, making one single glorious column for which my head sits on, I still choose to see beauty.  LIFE is beautiful!  Being pregnant with LIFE is beautiful! I feel so honored to be able to play a part in bringing LIFE to this earth.  The weight gain and body changes are unimportant in comparison to the role I get to play as mother to these amazing gifts from heaven.  Who cares if I earned a few more marks or a few more gray hairs in the process?!  I am an imperfect vessel used in God’s beautifully perfect creation!




Anna Bowman

Founder of WhoIsBeautiful

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4 thoughts on “Beauty in Pregnancy

  1. And what a beauty YOU are!

  2. Caralyn on said:

    Love this! You are beautiful, as always, but there is an extra measure of beauty when you’re pregnant. Despite all the changes and unpleasant things you mentioned, I always see pregnant ladies as “extra beautiful” and I myself, felt more beautiful when pregnant. It’s almost like there’s a “weight of glory”, if that makes sense? It is amazing! Love you, praying for tomorrow!

    • anna@lifestoriesdesign.com on said:

      Yes, that makes total sense! What an honor to bring life into the world! Hand in hand with God 🙂 Thank you for your prayers! Will post a pic as soon as we can!

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