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I’m Back…Kind of

I am back to writing again and hopefully sharing more encouraging stories from some really great women!  Baby Cedar is doing great and the other three are adjusting very well.  We, of course, have had some incidents and some tantrums.  Charis, my youngest daughter, decided to color on the brand new cabinets that my husband and father-in-law built for our upstairs playroom.  They had only been installed for 20 minutes!  She may or may not have also walked off into the woods by our house nearly giving me a heart attack.  And, I’m pretty sure she contributed to the demise of a few of our fish.  Can’t turn your back on her for two seconds!! BUT, things are getting better 🙂  My oldest is like a little mother.  I think she thinks Cedar is her very own.  She dotes on him daily.  My son is just happy to be evening out the playing field with another boy.  🙂

I’m not sure how frequently I can post.  Homeschooling two kids and caring for four is proving to tie up my hands quite a bit. 🙂  But I’m looking forward to writing again here and there.

I wanted to share this article I read today about pregnancy and motherhood.  I can definitely relate seeing as I am just 8 weeks postpartum.  There is so much pressure to return to your normal weight and shape after having a baby.  People can be quite critical and inconsiderate in their judgements of a new mom.  Every woman’s body is different and responds to pregnancy and childbirth differently.  Inevitably, you will look different after carrying a child for 9 months.  I totally agree with this writer that our culture puts way too much attention and effort trying to erase the effects of motherhood.  I’m all about being healthy and losing the weight you gained while pregnant.  What I am against is self-hatred and comparison. Enjoy the read then click on the other articles shared on this subject right here on WhoIsBeautiful.


Caralyn’s story

Meagan’s story


Anna Bowman

Founder of WhoIsBeautiful


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