I Am Beautiful


Meet the writers! WhoIsBeautiful has expanded it’s vision to include encouraging articles by some amazing writers each week.  The writers are from all over the country and will be covering a variety of topics that are specific to women.  It is my hope that the Lord would use the gift He has given each of these ladies to minister to your hearts as you read their wise, funny, rich, and encouraging words.  Take a moment to introduce yourself to this amazing team!

Beth Zinn

IMG_6817Like a precious gem Beth is a woman with many beautiful facets. You can find her working at a church office one moment and remodeling a house the next. Her heart is to touch the lives of those around her with the love of The Lord in all she does.

After losing her husband to cancer in 2011. She did the unthinkable. She moved across the country to a new state and took on the task of remodeling a foreclosure. Her heart reflects the journey of Ruth from the bible. Following the Lord and with the help of her young adult children and many other young adults. Her house is a beautiful reflection of God’s redemption.  She has a great skill to see the beauty within the broken things of life. She is always working to find the beauty within the rubble and restore it to new.

Her house has become a retreat and refuge to those who need a place to land and feel the love and acceptance of The Lord. Those who have come there affectionately call her place the “Nehemiah House.” The Lord has given her a dream to begin a movement to establish a shared housing concept. To help people in a tough economy find a place of safe refuge where they can discover God’s vision and direction for thier lives and learn to soar to fullfill it! She has a blog journaling her journey. www.houselift.org

Read Beth’s Story

Erica Warner

IMG_9106Erica Beiler is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Psychology. An aspiring psychologist and writer, she is currently working on a novel and a book on the psychology of waiting. She recently submitted her first psychology article for publication on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Missionaries, and is a life-long lover of words.

Recently, after twenty eight years of waiting, she married her Prince Charming. When she’s not busy working, helping at her church, mentoring, or being a fabulous (and sometimes not so fabulous) wife, she likes to run. Yes, you read that right, run. She possesses grand aspirations centered in the will of her Savior and writes mostly to please Him. Also, she thinks you’re beautiful.

Read Erica’s Story

Krisette Cole

IMG_4272My name is Krisette Cole and I was raised as the youngest daughter of the 10 children that William and Bernadette Ricks conceived in unadulterated love.  Being close to the youngest girl and number 9 of 10 has made me a bit of a spit fire from an early age.  But now, with God’s grace, I aim to use that gift of fire to set others ablaze for the Kingdom.

A homeschooling mother of 6 beautiful babies, my husband Calvin and I have 13 years of life together under our belt.  I enjoy all things culinary, an excellent book, dancing for the Lord, an amazing cup of coffee with friends and a good hearty laugh with the love of my life.

My heart is to let God use any and all parts of this crazy story I have called my life with transparency and whit to foster healing in the hearts and minds of women everywhere.  I am not shy about exposing my faults in order to magnify God’s infinite and saving grace, His undying love and His excellence in the earth.  And with the awesome God that we serve?  Well, it’s an easy work to do!

Read Krisette’s Story

Natalie Hoblitzell

IMG_6012My life’s journey began September 1, 1987.  I am an only child, born in Charleston, West Virginia.  I gave my life to Christ at age 12 while attending my current home church, Living Faith Church.  I knew at that point that I had a deep love for seeing people pursue Christ, but was somewhat unaware of the specific nature of God’s calling on my life personally.  As I continued to grow, I just “did” life like everyone else, asking God to show me what He wanted me to do for Him and who He made me to be along the way.  I’ve lived in WV my entire life, in which I attended primary and secondary school, and later attended the University of Charleston, obtaining a Bachelors in English and Secondary English Education.  I’ve always had a passion for literature, language, communication, and the arts.  However, I felt that I still wanted to pursue ministry within the church in addition to the secular education.  In 2011, the Lord directed me to Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, where I pursued worship and technical arts. I am currently back home serving in my local church, under the authority of people very dear to my heart.  I’m very excited about the present and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Read Natalie’s Story


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