I Am Beautiful


I wanted to start this blog to create a reminder to women everywhere that they are BEAUTIFUL.  We are surrounded with images of ‘perfection’ in magazines and on tv.  We are bombarded with reminders that our own bodies are imperfect.  But I would like to submit a counter idea to what society has defined as beautiful. As a photographer and artist, I have had the pleasure of appreciating the unique qualities and diversity of our human form. Each of us are masterfully created pieces of art.  There is beauty in all of us, around all of us.  We just need to open our eyes.

In terms of art, we pay big money for an authentic piece, a piece that has characteristics of the artist.  Usually these characteristics prove that the piece is authentically produced and not a copy.  They can be little smudges, brush strokes, ‘imperfections’ in the work of art.  These characteristics RAISE the value of the artwork because they prove it is from the artist’s hand.  It bares the artist’s fingerprint.

What if that is how we viewed our imperfections?  What if we saw ourselves the way The Artist saw us?  What if we knew how valued we were in His eyes?  Psalm 139 says we were fearfully and wonderfully made, that His works are wonderful.  I imagine He took the same care in forming us as any artist would in creating a painting or sculpture.  Your form is not something that just happened accidentally.  He created you and called you beautiful!

The stories you will read on this blog are both emotional and inspiring.  They feature women who are my friends, family, and ladies who share my passion about helping others realize their true beauty.  The stories are written in their own words. Some are funny, some will bring you to tears, all are true.

As you read, take another look at yourself.

You are not a copy.

You are not meant to look like anyone else.

The little smudges and brush strokes that you see actually raise your value.  They prove the authenticity of The Artist and the working of His hand.

You bare His fingerprint.

You are beautiful….

(My personal story)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just recently found your blog. Thank you for doing your part to remind people to look at how beautiful the world is and for helping me to remember the beauty in my own life.

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